A monitoring software for the cloud
PARSEIX-MQ is an innovative, streamlined, cloud-based monitoring solution for IBM WebSphere® MQ and IBM® Integration Bus (WebSphere® Message Broker)
ultra scalable Massively Scalable
Built on a Big Data platform, PARSEIX-MQ can run on an unlimited number of virtual machines, and track an unrestricted number of events, statistics, and audit logs (for IB). Also, it has the capability to support an unrestricted numbers of MQ queue managers and brokers (for IB).
Extremely Available Highly Available
Built-in redundancy in every layer (including data) eliminates a potential single point of failure. In addition, PARSEIX-MQ was designed to span multiple zones and regions of the public cloud, without any downtime.
Extremely Available Secure
PARSEIX-MQ meets all the security requirements of an enterprise application, while running in a public cloud.
  • Utilizes encrypted access from both browsers and agents.(agentless solution coming soon)
  • Provides its own Certificate Authority, supporting secure and login-less access, from both browsers and agents.
  • Supports multiple application lifecycle domains (Development, Quality Assurance, Production, etc.), and different roles in the application development lifecycle.
Extremely Fast Extremely Fast
PARSEIX-MQ design includes the following leading edge technologies:
  • WebSockets (an HTTP friendly protocol), allows much faster interaction between a browser/agent and a web site, facilitating real-time interactions.
  • Apache Cassandra, designed to handle very large amounts of realtime and historical performance data, spread out across many servers, while providing a highly available service with no single point of failure.
Ease of Use Ease of Use
Utilizing an intuitive Web 2.0 Dashboard, PARSEIX-MQ supports advanced features such as Real-time Browser Push, Real-time graph backed by Data Driven Document (D3) technology, which interacts directly with the new Browser Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support.
Mobile Mobile
PARSEIX-MQ Dashboard supports both the Android and the iOS browsers, for use with the Android and iPad tablets (smartphone Dashboard available soon).
Notification Choices Notification Choices
PARSEIX-MQ includes a notification workflow engine, which supports multi-level escalation. Notification options include: SMS through email, Twitter (secure SMS), email, and many secure SMS and voice plans.
Tiered Support Available Tiered Support Available
PARSEIX-MQ offers different support plans to meet your specific need: choose from a plan starting at less than $100 US a month per queue manager and basic monitoring, all the way up to expert support to run analytics and help you manage and maintain big data.